Digital Health

Are your digital systems in good shape?

Today’s medical products and services rely on efficient technology. Staff and patients need user-friendly solutions that are both innovative and reliable.

Good healthcare systems put people first

What are the most important features of a digital application in the health and medical sector?

The best way to keep up with a rapidly changing industry is to stay curious. Keep asking if there

is a better way, test ideas and evaluate the results.


Stable and secure

With people's health at stake, it is crucial to focus on reliable, robust end products – whether it’s an app,

a website, or a new payment system.

Digital systems that make it easier for staff, patients and other users to complete their tasks are both

a stress buster and a time saver.

Every medical product and health service has to be crafted with a deep understanding of user needs and take the whole user journey into account.

Easy to use

Created with empathy

Making Waves – Digital Health

We create digital products and services for healthcare, pharma and med-tech.

As your long-term partner, we can support bold digital transformation projects. We also welcome shorter assignments within web development, mobile applications, design, communication strategy and content production.

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Digital health challenges and solutions

We need an integrated ecosystem that ensures

a smooth customer journey across touchpoints


Many medical companies use multiple systems that handle everything – from medical product descriptions and sales specs to storage of massive amounts of internal data. Managing such systems becomes an increasingly complex process that results

in inconsistent data and reduced productivity.

Integrated digital platforms for smoother workflows

Our solution

Making Waves builds platforms that integrate all your digital products (websites, internal collaboration tools, mobile apps etc.). Such integrations are considerably easier to manage, which saves time and reduces costs. As they are scalable, you are also better prepared to enhance your systems and grow your business.

Our work for Getinge covers strategy and development
of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), including optimising integrations of public websites, internal systems and mobile applications.

Related services: System integrations (CMS, PIM, ERP), web development

We deal with sensitive data and want to address system security and stability


A top priority for healthcare applications is reliability. Medical practitioners need stable and intuitive systems that minimise the risk for errors and keep patient data secure. At the same time, any solutions used by patients have to meet their needs to.

Processes that optimise your systems to meet your goals

Our solution

Making Waves has delivered many global-scale systems where data security and a flawless user interface were key factors. To assure maximum safety and compliance, we offer 24/7 support and will work towards local regulations if needed.

Related services: Strategic advice, web development, user research, design, UX writing, quality assurance

We would like to offer a better patient experience


Many people with medical conditions rely on technological solutions in their day-to-day life. They will look for information and products that are both easy to use and support their condition in the best way. How do we make sure that our app, website or medical device matches their needs?

User research and service design

Our solution

Every condition requires a different solution - a person with diabetes has completely different needs from a person with visual impairment. The best way to figure out what a patient expects from a medical product is through user research and service design. By involving users in the design and validation process, we can make your solution stand out from the crowd.

Related services: User research and design, service design, UX writing

We need help with communication and strategy


Access to clear, concise information is as important for busy healthcare professionals

as it is for worried patients. Transforming complex and sometimes sensitive medical information into simple and digestible content is easier said than done, however.

Content strategy, creation and distribution

Our solution

Our medical editors have processes in place to make sure that your website, blog or other digital product speaks the language of your target groups. From content strategy

to distribution, we help you create content that matches the needs of the users and the goals of your organisation.

Related services: Content strategy, UX research, content creation, content distribution

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  • We have extensive experience of digital solutions for various health-related organisations: healthcare, pharma, med-tech, public organisations and NGOs.
  • We always design interfaces and produce content with the patient and health practitioners in mind. Our design process is collaborative and involves you and your users to shape your future system.
  • We have hands-on experience of digital transformation projects for large organisations (Getinge, SATS, COOP, Norgesgruppen) and can leverage experience and best practices from other business domains.
  • We are also good at quick design and software projects including websites, mobile applications and other dedicated solutions to support your business processes.

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